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Top 5 Things to Not Flush!

If you are a new homeowner, especially one with a septic tank for your structure, knowing what you should and should not flush down the toilet can save you a lot of money and time. Clogs caused by buildups in the pipes not only require complicated repair jobs, but can also ruin a septic or sewer system.

So, to help answer the age-old question, “to flush or not to flush?” we’ve put together some advice to give you peace of mind.

To Flush or Not to Flush: That Is the Question

When trying to determine whether or not to flush something down the toilet, firstly read the label on the packaging. If it says “safe to flush,” then you might be okay. But as a general rule, here are the 5 things you definitely should not be flushing:

  • Baby wipes: When a bunch of baby wipes get together in pipes, septic tanks, or sewer systems, they fuse together like concrete and become almost impossible to remove. Even if the packaging on your baby wipes says it’s okay, it is probably better to compost them rather than flush.
  • Sanitary products: Some of these are okay to flush, but once again, it all depends on the label. If you are in a pinch and have no other way of disposing of these, you will probably be all right but most of the time, it is better to just put these in the garbage.
  • Cosmetic products: Makeup wipes, cotton balls, and Q-tips are all in the same league as baby wipes. These things will destroy your pipes and drainage systems, making for a nightmare of a cleanup later on. Biodegradable products are less likely to be a problem, but it may still take months for them to properly disintegrate.
  • Paper towels: Just don’t flush these ever! There is no good reason to flush paper towels down the toilet. They will take years to properly disintegrate and they are almost guaranteed to clog your system and septic tank.
  • Hair: You will be fine if a little hair gets flushed away, but it is better to avoid this for the same reason you don’t want hair going down your bath or sink drain.

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