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Stink from the Sink? Unclog the Drains in Your Home!

The kitchen is supposed to be a place of wonderful smells and cleanliness, where the appetite is awoken and the taste buds satisfied. Nothing kills hunger like nasty smells coming from the sink which, especially in the summer, can become unbearable. If your sink is starting to stink, this is usually caused by one of only a few factors, most of which you can check yourself.

Reasons Why Your Sink Stinks

While technology has changed many things around us in our day-to-day life, sinks are still simple. Determining why one of them might smell bad can usually be traced to one of three potential problems:

  • Dried-out p-traps: If you look under your sink, you’ll see a ‘u’ in the pipes. This is called the p-trap, which serves as a seal to let waste water drain from the sink while preventing sewage gases from coming back up. A fully functioning p-trap always has water in it, which holds the seal, but these have been known to dry, due to leaks in the pipe, lack of use, or a blockage. Either way, checking to make sure your p-trap is working properly is a straightforward task. Start by removing the two nuts and it will drop down. Next, twist the collar and ring to slide it down further and empty any water you see. Look inside to check whether there is a clog.
  • Water heater problems: If you are getting a rotten egg smell coming from more than one water source in your home, your water heater tank may very well be the cause. The first step to fixing this is cleaning your water heater with hydrogen peroxide. It’s safe for the environment and will not damage your system, while purging it of the stinky bacteria. You must clean it properly though, to get rid of any chemical residue. NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with how to shut off the gas, turn off the inlet valve and drain the tank, you should not attempt to try this on your own. Your best bet is to connect with your local plumber.
  • Ventilation system issues: Every home has a ventilation system which allows gases to escape upwards from your sinks. But if these vents become clogged or blocked for any reason — be it debris, snow, pet hair, or maybe even a bird’s nest — these smelly gases may not vent properly and get stuck in your home, causing your sinks to smell bad.
  • Septic tanks and water wells: If your home’s water system is based on a septic tank or water well, a clog in the tank or contamination of the well may cause a foul smell in the water running through your home. Our team has over 20 years of experience providing a full range of septic and well services to home and business owners in Oshawa and throughout Durham Region. Our on-site septic system technician is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

Save Yourself from Plumbing Nightmares

Keeping your sinks working well and stink-free is mostly avoidable if you follow some of these simple tips:

  • Use a food-catcher in your sink to make sure big pieces don’t go down the drain.
  • Check your pipes often to make sure there are no leaks.
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t try fixing the pipes. You will only make matters worse.
  • Use your sink every day to make sure the p-trap does not dry out.
  • Make sure your water systems are well maintained and running smoothly.

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